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6 reasons to eat 1 tablespoon of cider vinegar daily

Even my grandmother knew the many and numerous health benefits of apple cider vinegar. The popular remedy was already used in antiquity for a multitude of things. For example, it was used for pain relief, against many diseases and for cleansing the body. Apple vinegar also stimulates metabolism, improves skin, reduces cellulite and boosts the immune system.

And who has problems to follow the diet, should use apple cider vinegar. Why? You’ll find out in the text! At the bottom of the article I’ll tell you my favorite detox drink with apple cider vinegar to lose weight in 30 days.

That’s how you take the cider vinegar!

Very few people like the sour taste of apple cider vinegar. However, it is a great start to the day, especially in the morning. Of course, you should not drink the vinegar pure, but thinned it in a glass of water. If necessary, you hold your nose and drink the drink with a straw. It is recommended to drink 1 tbsp cider vinegar on 1 glass of warm water.

You can also add apple vinegar to your meal in form of dressing or marinade.


Unbelievable – these 7 applications of apple cider vinegar exist!


#1 Quick digestion

Since apple vinegar stimulates the formation of digestion fluids, you can improve your digestion with vinegar. If you marinade your food (vegetables, salad, potatoes, etc.) with a tasty apple vinegar-oil-herbs, the food is digested more easily and efficiently.

#2 Bikinifit with apple vinegar?!?

There are numerous diets that promote apple vinegar as a fat burner. But what is the truth of this claim?

The truth is that in a clinical study with mice that consumed a little apple cider vinegar every day, the body weight could be significantly reduced. This was because the appetite was reduced and the digestion got active. It is not clear whether this research can also be applied 1 to 1 to humans. However, countless reports of experience show that apple vinegar in a diet can give great results.

#2a Apple cider vinegar against food cravings

Apple vinegar also regulates blood sugar levels. This means that the body does not have to deal with permanent fluctuations in blood sugar. This prevents the annoying hunger pangs. Exactly these cravings in a diet are known to be responsible why you are not loosing weight. So if apple vinegar can fight the cause of hunger pangs – then bring the apple vinegar drink!


#2b Apple vinegar helps reduce fat

If the blood sugar level is always too so high, this often leads to too high insulin levels. Maybe you didn’t know, but high insulin levels block the reduction fatty tissue. Although you’re on a diet, you’re not losing weight! Apple vinegar ensures that the blood sugar level is regulated and the insulin level returns to normal. So finally the pounds fall!


#2c cider vinegar fills you up

Theses on blood sugar and insulin levels and a better feeling of fullness have been proven in many studies, for example a Swedish study from 2015. It turned out that meals containing apple cider vinegar provided a better feeling of satifaction. Blood sugar and insulin levels were also raised significantly less.


Summary: Who drinks apple vinegar thinned with water and/or uses the vinegar in the food, has much higher chances of maintaining the diet.


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#3 Apple cider vinegar against dandruffshutterstock_547510660(1)-min

Who has to fight with annoying dandruff, should treat himself times a cure with apple cider vinegar. As a result, the pH value of the scalp is brought back into balance and fungi and viruses disappear.

Mix 2 tablespoons of apple vinegar with 2 tablespoons of water and 2 drops of tea tree oil. Massage into scalp for 5 minutes, then continue for 10 minutes. Wash everything out well afterwards. Repeat 2-3 times a week as required.


#4 Against age spots and pimples

The antibacterial and antibacterial effect of apple vinegar is ideal for the care of skin problems. A treatment with apple vinegar is especially effective for acne or skin spots. The natural pH value will be restored and too dry or oily skin can be prevented.  Apple vinegar and water are simply mixed in equal parts to wash the skin.


sole-of-the-foot-609676_640#5 Apple vinegar against athlete’s foot

A Footbath in apple vinegar reduces itching, has a germicidal effect and eliminates the annoying athlete’s foot. Just bathe your feet in it or mix apple vinegar with warm water.

Alternatively, you can simply apply undiluted apple vinegar to your feet or even try a vinegar stocking. Simply mix apple vinegar with water, soak socks in it and put on a dry pair of socks.


 #6 Apple cider vinegar for constipation

If you have mild constipation symptoms, it is usually sufficient to take a glass of water with 1 tbsp cider vinegar during the day. This stimulates digestion and alleviates complaints such as flatulence and constipation.

You should pay attention to this 4 things when buying apple vinegar:

To really benefit from all the health advantages of apple vinegar, you should pay attention to a good quality and purity of apple vinegar. Please note the following:


  1. The cider vinegar should be unheated, i.e. not pasteurised.
  2. The cider vinegar should not be filtered, i.e. it should be naturally cloudy. This accumulation of enzymes, bacteria, minerals and vital substances is a sign of quality.
  3. Apple vinegar should not be a cheap mixture of cheap vinegar and juice concentrate. The v
  4. inegar should come from whole organic apples, preferably from regional cultivation.


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The 30 day weight loss challenge


If you want to start the summer slimmer, this 30 day challenge is just the right thing for you. Drink the following drink every morning as well before going to bed and you will lose some weight. Of course you should pay attention to a healthy and balanced diet during this time. Of course, one drink can’t compensate for your bad eating habits. However, this drink is a great companion in a diet and helps you to lose weight more easily and to stay on the diet better!

This detox drink makes the pounds fall.

1 glass of hot water
2 tbsp cider vinegar
2 tbsp lemon juice
1 ½ tsp ground ginger
¼ TL cinnamon
1 pinch nof cayenne pepper
1 teaspoon raw Manuka hone

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